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Oil lasts longer than perfume, unlike eau de toilettes which have alcohol that breaks down perfume oil over time. The fragrance from perfume oils last longer on the skin than perfumes with alcohol because it is more concentrated.

Typically, the concentration of oils in perfumes vary:
After shave: 1 - 3% Aromatic Compounds

Eau de Cologne: 2 - 6% Aromatic Compounds

Eau de Toilette: 5 - 15% Aromatic Compounds

Eau de Parfum: 10 - 20% Aromatic Compounds

A 3 ml roll-on bottle will last at least 1 month if applied everyday. A 10 ml bottle should last 2 to 3 months.

We have 3ml, 5ml, & 10ml glass bottles with stainless steel ball roller for the smoothest application. It's the perfect size for your purse, gym bag, car, or wherever you need to freshen up quickly.

We sell premium quality impressions of designer fragrances. 
We recreate these smells by using the similar notes of non-alcoholic concentrated oil.
Notes used in each scent is given on the product pages. 
Our perfume oils use the highest quality ingredients to create a new inspired aroma that you will like.

Inspired Perfumes competes with designer brands. It does not use their fragrances and is not associated in any way with the designer brands or their manufacturers.

All trademarks are property of their respective owners. We are in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission's Statement of Policy Regarding Comparative Advertising.

Our Perfume Oils are 100% Cruelty Free and Are NOT tested on animals.


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We carefully & beautifully pack your order, and bubble-wrap it for an additional layer of safety. 
In case you have received your order damaged or broken, contact us immediately for an exchange.

We will dispatch your order within 2 to 3 working days.
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