About Us

Since quite a young age, I've been fascinated with perfumes and loved to try out new scents - completely intoxicated by the different scents and how each of them have been created.
But being a student at University of Kent, I found myself unable to try all the big, fancy brands - Gucci, Versace, Marc Jacobs. All the brands I'd see regularly at malls and completely in love with their scents, but the ONLY thing stopping me from buying them was the price tag £££!!
Eventually one day I grew tired of having my enthusiasm crippled by the insanely high prices and decided to research exactly WHY buying even one fleeting scent meant breaking my bank account. 
That's when I realised just how much of the £££ was solely for a fancy bottle and a brand name. But the actual scent itself can be recreated at a reasonable price if you just cut out the middle man! 
But another question still lingered in my mind.. 
How can I make these scents last longer without having the drying effects that most alcohol based perfumes tend to have? 
That's when after trying countless different formulas, I found the best possible option completely under-rated in the perfume world as we know it - perfume oils!
Not only did they last me the entire day, I also found them to be least drying for my skin and perfectly reasonable!
I was so thrilled with my discoveries that I couldn't help but share it and that's when I created Inspired Perfumes - for all my like-minded perfume enthusiasts who wanted to explore all the different scents without any compromise!