Christmas Gift Guide 🎁

Sleigh This Christmas With Our Designer Inspired Scents 🎁 


It's that time of the year again where everyone's searching for the perfect gift, the best present we can give to our friends & family and remind them how much we care. And there's 2 traits the gifts simply MUST have 


1. They Must Be Memorable

Did you know that out of all our senses - scent is the most strongly linked with memory? It shouldn't be surprising considering almost all of us would have had some serious flashbacks just because of a familiar scent in the air! For me, it's always the smell of freshly baked biscuits that simply bring back memories from my childhood and my family! (And gives me instant cravings!) 

So why not get your loved ones the perfect scents! It could be a specific scent that reminds you of memories you have together like the coconut and floral notes of Angel to remind them of a little tropical getaway. Or maybe their signature scents that they never spend a day without! Give them a scent that will always remind them of you whenever they use it ❤️


2. They Should Be Long Lasting

Nobody wants to give someone a gift that finishes instantly or goes bad! Especially not for Christmas, we're all hunting for that gift that feels JUST RIGHT, high in quality and can last them a long time. Most gifts have maybe 1 or 2 of these qualities, but we aim to provide all 3 of these qualities with our perfume oils.  

After months of researching, we managed to ensure our perfume oils are of premium quality and even a tiny bottle of 3 ml can last up to 1 month (when used DAILY!!). And with over 50 different scents with every kind of note you could imagine, you can handpick the ones that feel just PERFECT!

Introducing Our Exclusive Christmas Bundles

Offering 3 different bundle sizes, you can now add any 4 scents to your bundle and avail 25% off on your total order to make sure you don't break your bank account. Simply click on the bundle size you want (3 ml, 5 ml or 10 ml) and choose 4 scents out of all the options! Whether it's a little treat for yourself this Christmas after everything 2020 has put us through our a gift for your loved one - this is an offer too good to miss out on! 


But wait! 
There's more..

We all know scents can be quite personal and special to each of us and everyone has their own preferences. Sometimes buying a scent for someone can be quite intimidating as you try to figure out what scent they would like best.. 

Which is why, we came up with the perfect solution if you're having doubts about which perfume oils to get!

A virtual Christmas gift card. Simply purchase it online and you'll get the gift card emailed to you INSTANTLY! After that, just share it with your loved one and let them choose their ideal scents! 

Happy Holidays And A Merry Christmas To All Of You!
Team Inspired Perfumes