What Are Perfume Oils?

Be it body oils, cleansing oils, facial oils, hair oils or massage oils, numerous benefits of oils as natural and chemical free skincare product are changing the face of today’s beauty industry. Interestingly,  perfume oils are also not falling behind in the race.

Perfume Oil Making

But what exactly are perfume oils and how do they differ from classic perfume sprays?

Although all designer and luxury perfumes derive their scent from fragrance oils (like rose, jasmine, sandalwood), they are mostly available as alcohol-based Eau de Parfum, or Eau de Toilette. Fragrance oils diluted in alcohol (usually ethanol) are known as ‘alcohol-based’ perfumes. Whereas, fragrance oils diluted in a neutral and fragrance-free oil, are known as ‘perfume oils’ or ‘oil-based’ perfumes.

Almost all marketed perfumes and colognes nowadays use alcohol as a base to dilute fragrance oil, making perfumes a mix of 15-20% fragrance oil in 80-85% alcohol. The concentration or percentage of fragrance oil diluted in its carrier substance, whether it is alcohol or a neutral carrier oil, determines the type of perfume.

Eau de Parfum: 12-15% fragrance concentration in alcohol

Eau de Toilette: 7-10% fragrance concentration in alcohol

Eau de Cologne: 2-5% fragrance concentration in alcohol

Perfume Oil: the most concentrated form, with 20-30% fragrance concentration in an oil rather than alcohol base

Although designer and luxury perfume oils are the next big thing in the UK, and globally, turning the pages of history reveals that use of perfume oils has long been the norm. In fact, some of the finest and most precious gifts given by nobility, including kings and queens, were perfume oils and not the alcohol based sprays that we use today.

5 Reasons You Must Try Perfume Oils

  • Uncut & Concentrated: Perfume Oil is the most natural type of perfume. Unlike, commercially branded perfumes, pure perfume oils contain no additives and are uncut. 
  • 100% Alcohol-Free & Long Lasting: Since alcohol is a drying agent, alcohol-based perfumes dry/ evaporate within a short period of time after application causing the fragrance to quickly fade. However, since oil is easily absorbed by skin, perfume oils penetrate the skin causing the fragrance to not only be more subtle and focused but also linger longer and deepen throughout the day with the warmth of the body temperature.
  • Comfortable on Sensitive Skin: Perfume oils are an absolute dream for sensitive skin! They lower the risk of developing any skin sensitivity and the hydrating and moisturizing nature of oil makes them perfect for dry skin.
  • Easy Application & Portable: Our Inspired Perfume oils for men and perfume oils for women come in roll on bottles, which allows easy application for perfume. They are also effortless and safe to carry while travelling as bottle can easily fit in pockets or small bags and there is no risk of spillage.
  • Premium Quality at Affordable Price: Most importantly, perfume oils don't cost insanely high. Even though we use best quality of the oil available, which smell very similar to the luxury designer scents these perfume oils are inspired from. These perfume oils are extremely affordable and cheap.
    Our 5ml Bottle which last more than a month even if applied everyday only costs £7

Luxury Perfume Oils On Discount

If you are still not ready to try the perfume oils, just know that you can own 4 designers scents in only £22.50 GBP.

Check out some of our best sellers for men and women.

Now that you have one of our best perfume oils in uk, the next step is to lift your perfume game to new heights by having the right knowledge on how to wear your perfume oil confidently and how to make it last longer.

The fragrance of perfume oil often gains strength and radiates with the warmth of your skin and pulse points. Hence, it is important to note that the aura or trail created by perfume oil when worn on skin may not be immediate and the fragrance will diffuse around the wearer after a short while. It is best to apply your perfume oil well before leaving, approximately, 30 minutes in advance. This will give the oil enough time to mix with body’s heat and create the right magic before you are out and about.

Perfume oils can be applied to clothes or directly to the skin. For clothes, it is best to first apply perfume oil on inner wrist, gently rub both the wrists together and then stroke your inner wrists over the clothes. This not only helps in keeping your clothes free from any spots or stains but also in evenly spreading the fragrance on clothes.

For skin, it is advisable to apply perfume oil on pulse points. This is because pulse points emanate heat which helps the fragrance in oil to emanate from your skin into the air. You are much more likely to smell your scent throughout the day by applying the perfume on other spots like Inner wrists, along your jawline, behind your earlobes or the ends of your hair. For men who wear beard, it can be applied to the tips of beard as well.

Just like we prefer darker colors in winters and bright in summers, there are certain types of scent that are better suited for certain seasons. While rich scents may better be suited for winters, citrusy and/ or fruity scents will be best for summers. Choosing the right one depends on choosing the right base note, as top notes evaporate quickly once applied but it is the deeper base notes that remain.


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